Locker Pro has been in the business of installing and maintaining lockers for over 17 years. We are the trusted partner for the lock and locker maintenance needs of over 700 schools throughout the Southeast as well as many government entities and companies across a variety of different industries. We are here to serve you whether it is summer time, mid school year, or any other time convenient for your school or organization. A Locker Pro crew can provide onsite services for your existing lockers and/or built-in combination locks. Over the years we have developed and refined our process in order to continue to improve on the already outstanding services we provide our valued customers. How have we done it? Simple: by establishing a reputation for delivering impeccable service and great products at budget friendly prices.

Services included are as follows:

  • Inspect, tighten, align, adjust and lubricate each locker.
  • Inspect each built-in combination lock, set a new combination, and dial to ensure proper
  • Provide the labor to install locker maintenence parts (handles, hinges, latches, number plates, etc.) that
    need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Replace any missing or damaged nuts and bolts.
  • Furnish student/employee assignment cards and numerical master listing (available digitally) of lockers
    indicating location and current combination for each student/employee locker.
  • Leave every locker system checked and ready for student/employee assignment and use.

Call us today to discuss how our Lock and Locker Maintenance program can give new life to your locker system.